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Just a little about limeGreen
"Taking green to the    limeGreen level."
Our Family - What a Team!

All our lives my family and I have been exposed to flea markets, thrift stores and the early Saturday morning yard sales. Through the years it is interesting to see all the amazing bargains and finds you come home with by the end of the day.

As the environment movement of going GREEN started and non-recycleable items were thrown away, donated or passed on in some way. As creative individuals we instantly go into creative mode—now we see the pile of computer cords as a challenge and take a second look at the beautifully colored stained t-shirts being tossed aside as a blank canvas. Now my husband asks “Can I throw this away?” we say, “put it aside for now” each time there is one item that gives us an idea that leads to another and another one. 

Enjoy our creations and you too can see that repurposing can be a fun way to eliminate waste one item at a time. Our vision for each piece is not perfection but uniqueness, every one is made a little different and with lots of love. Enjoy!
Used t-shirts repurposed into one cool looking bag. Each bag is unique in the rough cut edges, designed for added strength and durability and most of all WASHABLE. Great for all ages and unlimited purposes.

Also, check with your local grocery store - some give you a discount for every bag you use (BiLo 5¢) and it adds up the more you shop. Most bags can hold about 5 to 8 can goods, check out below of the one I use and what was brought in our bags.

Men check out some of the sport team bags, surfer or automobile bags.
Simply the MOST Versatile T-shirt Bags
This is my t-shirt bag that I take to the grocery store, the clerks are amazed at how much can fit into a single bag.
An inside shot of my packed t-shirt bag.
All the items displayed that fit into my t-shirt bag. Plus I received 5¢ off my purchase.