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BEST CHEW TOYS EVER! These are made of repurposed fleece that is hand tied, braided and knotted tightly into Super Chewer Tugs. These soft toys are made for and tested by our super chewers Jethro and Max. These and Kongs are the only toys we use anymore, everything else is destroyed in a day. The harder they pull the stronger the tug becomes making them last even longer. The soft fleece helps keep teeth and gums healthy while playing. After hours and hours of fun and all the slobbery drool best of all this tug is completely machine WASHABLE. 

Available in assorted sizes, designs, colors and great for any age or sizes. These are made to encourage a great game of tug of war, fetch or just to sit and chew. Try them now and see how much fun you can have with your pet.

Our vision for each piece is not perfection but uniqueness, every one is made a little different and with lots of love. Order NOW available online. Enjoy!
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Jethro on the left and Max on the right. These are our two super chewers who love to play.
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Ottis walking through Soda City with his new toy.

Beans and Cornbread love their new toy!

Arlo loves his new toy!

Ms Lucy

Good morning! I attended Aiken's Makin' and purchased quite a few goodies from you!! My son loved his notebook made from floppy disks!! I also wanted to send along a pic of my puppy, Ruby, enjoying one of your handmade Tug Toys!!  You are so creative! Have a wonderful day!!

Milo loves his new toy! Thanks

Pic of my happy dog. Luna Belle loves her new chew toy!!! You can see she chose it out of the box of toys next to her :)
Iceman and Maverick
They love it - Thank you!
Our friend bought our dog this tug rope from you all this morning. We just wanted to send you a picture of Ollie playing with it.
Here is Miss Mulligan with her new tug toy given to her by our neighbors. It's beautiful and tough just like Mullie.
Hey there, Raisin took well to his new toy. Thank you!
Nova loves her new LimeGreen toy
It has been tough to get it away from her... Foxy loves it.  Thanks!
Penney with her new toy!
Penny loves her new toy!
Rosie outside enjoying her toy. Want to play?
Rufus just a puppy but full of energy.
Aldo playing keep away - not letting anyone get his toy.

Sweetie Welcome

Lucy with her new toy. She loves it!

Hummus is a bulldog who lives in Athens, Ga, imagine that, right? She loves her new Super Chewer tug toy and won't let anyone take it away without a tug o war fight!

Ladybug loves her new toy! Thank you so much!! I'll be buying another someday.

I bought this super chewer for my Golden's at the Vintage Show in MB! SC. I gave it to our boy who turned one yesterday. Jigger has it now, but he and Docker are playing a tough tug of war with it, too. So far so good! Thank you!

Spice girl choses her own chew toy at Soda City market.

I stopped by your booth at Candler Park Fall Fest! Thank you limeGreen for the awesome dog toy! It's definitely Porter's new favorite!!

Meet Sumo, he loves his new toy. Allyson

Tux is ready for the holidays with his new chew toy!
Claire and Leroy Brown

Molly is loving her Super Chewer!

Keik loves her new chew toy!

Cooper enjoys his chew toy at work.


Ginger loves her toy! Just try to take it away. Grrrrr

Gracie lost her partner in crime Scout last week and the super chewer made her day! A big thank you from Gracie. She loves her new Super Chewer!

Rueben escapes the kids to enjoys his super chewer toy on the stairs. But when the kids want to play they hold on and slide across the floor.

Piper picked the biggest toy for the smallest dog. Go Piper!

Blake and Davis show off all their teeth.


Buddy from Athens, GA enjoyed his tug toy way too much that his Mommy came back to try another style. Together we will figure out the best one for our cutie Buddy.

Lily loves her new toy!!!
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Meet our newest customer a 
cat named 
CAT as she 
enjoys her 
new toy!